Picked up from Petco as 'Sunglow'

…which isn’t a morph, from what I can see.



Sunglow is a multi-gene combo, not a single morph.


Kinda looks like what they call SHTCT which means super hypo tangerine carrot tail. It may not be, not as bright in the body as I thought but that could just be the pic. That is a super awesome tail though on that Leo! Very nice!


@banereptiles it looks like that photo is from while still in the store, so stress may actually be making them a bit darker. But I agree not bright enough for SHTCT, just SHCT. Super hypo and actually a very nice carrot tail. I’ve seen so many normal orange color that people call CT… It’s refreshing to see one this bright and nice.

@noodlehaus is correct! Sunglow is a multi gene combo. Just not the right one… Which I can see how an employee may think it’s right…but no. Alternatively, sometimes the breeders mislabel the animals as well. For example, the store I worked at received a super snow marked as a normal once. XD

Sunglow is tangerine, Albino and super hypo carrot tail.
The animal here doesn’t look to be an albino at all. The pigment on the end of the tail and the spots on the head are too dark. The eyes are most likely a grey or slate blue color I assume?

The lack of spots on the body does mean it’s a super hypo. But too light to be a tangerine. Just a normal super hypo carrot tail. The carrot tail again, is beautiful on this one.

Lastly… Your gecko looks to also be a stripe. Judging by the way the CT splits on the tail and the stripe of lighter color down the back.

Still a pretty little gecko! Looks to have pretty good size and weight too which is always a good sign.


Got more images. Thoughts? His belly is pure white, no patterns or dots.


Came home late, and caught Gugán in the light. Very translucent looking. (Currently using red night light for extra heat.)

please don’t use red light! I don’t have time to explain right now but someone else can hopefully explain why. Simply put it pretty much messes with the day night cycle because they can still see the brightness from the light even if they can’t see the color red. I would switch to a CHE as soon as possible


Agree with everyone, ‘Sunglow’ is a morph. It generally refers to any bright/sunny colored Tremper Albino, though it is not inaccurate to use when describing a similar Bell Albino or Rainwater Albino. This gecko is absolutely NOT a Sunglow, as it is not an Albino.

I think currently looks like a SHCT. Super Hypo refers to pattern and means no spots on the body, though spots can be on the head. There’s definitely a Carrottail, as the orange coloration does encompass over 15% of the tail. I would not say it’s a Tangerine as it is a High Yellow in color to my eye and not orange. Side note: Underlying pattern is Jungle.

I don’t see any ocular mutations, so I’d say Gugán’s phenotypic morph ID is a Pet Only SHCT, with side mentions of High Yellow & Jungle. (Never breed geckos from big box pet store chains or in any situation with an unknown genetic morph ID- hets and unrecognized subtle morphs will wreak havoc in any offspring.)

Two more things: pattern can change drastically with age in young leos, so the phenotypic morph ID could possibly change. Also, I agree- that is definitely an extremely impressive Carrottail, an absolutely gorgeous gecko. :heart_eyes:


I literally just got one too

Really nice super hypo tang, but I don’t believe it’s albino.