Picked up some pythons today

My son and I picked up 3 ball pythons and 1 retic today. They were from a police raid. They all seem healthy and have no mites. :grin: anyway, here are some pictures of them.

The retic looks normal to me and is tame.

The balls one is a pinstripe, and the other two look normal to me. All three are healthy and tame. But I don’t know anything about ball morphs. So the other 2 could be some type of morph. And I will never know if they are het for anything.


I’m glad they ended up somewhere safe! They look pretty healthy to me.
the last one has a really neat pattern for a normal. I agree on the pinstripe. the first one you posted looks to be a pastel.
sadly, given the nature of how you got them, that’s probably all we can tell from that.

I hope they settle in well for you!
(show us the retic too! lol)


I forgot to post the pictures of the retic. :rofl:
Here you go.


That retic is gorgeous! I love normals with lots of yellow like that. And some of his/her iridescence even comes through in the pictures. I’m in love! :heart_eyes:

The balls are beautiful too. Everyone looks healthy, especially considering how you got them. Glad they ended up with you!


Editing to add that I’m so glad you were able to adopt them. I know you’ll take great care of them. You probably saved them.

If you are willing to spend an extra bit of money, you can find out if the balls are het for anything by sending their sheds for genetic testing. I pasted the link below if you would like more information about this service.


Congratulations @tommccarthy Tom! These animals could not get to go home to live with a nicer guy! The bps are really nice! But the retic is my kinda dream snake! What a beautiful creature! If I didn’t like you, Tom, I’d be so jealous of you right now! Lol!

Those are some really lucky animals! :heart::pray:

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