Picking Up Rescue, Morph Help?

I’m becoming known in my area for the willingness to take on rescue snakes that are defensive and need more experienced handling! I have no info on this guy at all other than his defensive behavior, and my morelia experience is limited right now. I am researching everything I can about the species, but morphs and patterns are sometimes hard for me to see. Is he a “regular” coastal?


Probably a regular coastal, possible to have anything mixed in his ancestry like jungle or irian Jaya going back the generations. Generic coastal type is probably the safest label for him, although I suppose if it’s a non breeding rescue animal where you’ll presumably be his forever home it doesn’t really matter.


As @teddydalton says, your best bet on an unknown lineage carpet is just to label it a “generic” carpet.

Pic is not the greatest for trying to ID but nothing I see would indicate it is any kind of morph


Thank you! It doesn’t really matter, I am mostly just trying to learn.

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