Picky Super Yellow Bellys

Hello all!
I am just here posting wonder if this is just me experiencing this… But all my Super Yellow Belly’s are really picky eaters. I have 3 ivory’s in total and they all seem to be extremely picky when it comes to feeding. I also have some Bamboo’s, Mahogany’s, Pastels, Leopards and regular Yellow bellys and they all eat consistently and without a problem. If you guys experience this or don’t please let me know!
Thank you all!

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Hi! Welcome to the community @mojavemystics
As for your question, the general consensus is there is no difference between morphs and feeding. Now that being the general feeling, I personally believe my het red axanthic line I have usually are voracious about eating(and biting) in any of there hatchlings I produce with them. So I feel maybe certain animals from the same line can inherit some traits such as higher prey drive, but not to a great extent and will surely be less noticeable the more the same line is bred with other genes. So are all your ivory’s from the same parents? If so there may be a chance that they are slightly more picky then your others, but I wouldn’t think to a very large degree. Might be just enough you notice it more compared to other ball pythons you have. Thanks for the question, and trying out the community!:+1:


Though everyone I know with bananas all say they’re the best feeder out of all their snakes, which I agree on with mine :sweat_smile:


Thank you for your feed back and insight, I truly appreciate it and this community! And to respond to the question all Ivories I have come from different parents.

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I agree totally with banereptiles
But in addition, I would suggest that selective breeding in the ancestors for only colour as opposed to also feeding response, or too much historical inbreeding can have an effect.
Unfortunately unlike cats and dog breeds, we don’t have a full breeding tree history for snakes we buy.

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