Piebald Boa constrictor?

So I’ve just came across a article about the worlds first Piebald Boa constrictor, at first I thought it was bs but I did a Google search and there are loads of websites claiming it and even a video on YouTube of it as a juvenile.
Apparently it is owned by Luis Caballero and was found In the Mexican jungle.

Am I just being strung along by internet cr*p or is this a real thing?
If so has anybody heard anything since about it.


You are not being strung along. The Pied Boa found in Mexico just Sired a litter. There are some pics floating around. Feel free to PM me @JordansBoas on FB and i will get you some links to the groups it is posted in. There have also been rumors of other PIED boas around other than the one that Luis has


It’s been a while, but has it proved to be genetic?


I sure hope so, pied BCs and BIs would look incredible


The newest news I can find is from 2 years ago, so I’d say it’s getting close to when the first litter would be breeding. I assume to check if it’s genetic he’d just do a couple of inbreedings to see if he got a visual pied. I’m not a fan of inbreeding animals, but no point wasting time with outcrosses just to find out it’s not even genetic. In the long term he can work on that, short term a pair of siblings should both be 100% het for pied (if it’s genetic) and it’s the quickest way to find out “is it genetic” rather than first waiting years and years to properly outcross just to find out “shoot, it’s not genetic”

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whoops sorry @eaglereptiles I wasn’t aware cursing wasn’t allowed here! I’ll make sure to be more careful in the future.


There was a litter born. If you look up Luis Cabrello on FB you can see some of his pics.


did you get any information?