Piebald Boa constrictor?

So I’ve just came across a article about the worlds first Piebald Boa constrictor, at first I thought it was bs but I did a Google search and there are loads of websites claiming it and even a video on YouTube of it as a juvenile.
Apparently it is owned by Luis Caballero and was found In the Mexican jungle.

Am I just being strung along by internet crap or is this a real thing?
If so has anybody heard anything since about it.

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You are not being strung along. The Pied Boa found in Mexico just Sired a litter. There are some pics floating around. Feel free to PM me @JordansBoas on FB and i will get you some links to the groups it is posted in. There have also been rumors of other PIED boas around other than the one that Luis has