Pied Ball Python Help

So! We just picked up this very young baby from a pet store, and they sold him as a normal pied. But his markings… I’ve never seen such a pied like this. I was thinking he COULD be a paradox- he was beige that suddenly stops to the gold, and that pitch black on his neck is so strange to me. All “normal pieds” I’ve seen have that classic stripe, which he has but it just stops to black. Any guesses? He’s just a gorgeous boy, I don’t care what he is, but I’m curious on opinions!



Pastel Pied with paradox it happens, if there was ro be something else the only way to find out would be by breeding it, however chances are just one of those with funky pattern, I have hatched a few over the years.


I’ve just never seen one with such a solid black section before. I’d love to breed him out someday haha

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Only one I’ve seen close to this is a Pastel Pied Spark Paradox female that was sold- pretty close, with the black and beige patterns. But I’m not sure, I’m just a keeper not a breeder yet haha

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Wow, that’s stunning! What exactly would that one be?

Thank you. As is yours. This girl is a Killer Pied we hatched in late 2018.

Think my male could be a Killer Pied (Or even just a regular pastel pied)? Just noticed he has some green eyes as well

Yours is definitely a Pastel Pied.

Thanks for the info! Took him to a reptile event (My friend is a breeder so I saw her there) and she confirmed that too. I’m curious why he has both black and light beige paradoxing haha