"Pied" on eclipse/total eclipse

Hi folks!

I see that super mack snow eclipse, or total eclipse, leos are becoming popular and sometimes labeled as “galaxy” or “super galaxy.” Some breeders seem to be selecting for high “pied” markings which seems to come from the eclipse gene, leading to more white markings instead of the super snow spots. Other breeders have been combining this with hyper xanthic as well, creating more contrast. Here’s a great example Super Galaxy Pied Hyper Xanthic Leopard Gecko by JMGreptile - MorphMarket

So, I was wondering, are those “pied” white markings simply the eclipse gene, or is it the way eclipse is interacting with super snow? In other words, would it be possible to selectivity breed those white markings in normal eclipse or another eclipse combo? I’d also love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this combo/project in general!

The pied markings are from the eclipse gene interacting with super snow. The pied can refer to the combo because the tail tips, feet/legs, nose, and sometimes the sides of the neck are white. But, the ones that are high white and have a partially white tail, white going up to the eyes, and a white neck were selectively bred for that. I don’t know of eclipse causing pied in any other morphs but I’m not positive about that.

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