Pine woods snakes anyone own one?

I had a pine woods snake a few months ago and I was wondering if anyone else had or seen one. These little guys are rare and very shy but Ramen warmed up to my within a few hours.

smol noodle
I is pretzel I must hide!


Very pretty. LOVE the name!

Thank you I have waited YEARS for the perfect snake to name Ramen

Wow, that is amazing! I’ve never even found one of those for sale. Awesome find!

I have heard of them, but never seen them for sale to public

I’ve spent hours trying to find info on them. But I couldn’t find much on them. We only had him for about 2 weeks. Surprisingly he ate 2 very small tadpoles. They normally eat small frogs but I could only find tadpoles. He really seemed to like being handled and spent a lot of time chilling on my hand. I think he died of stress one day. Most likely he was stressed from escaping twice in the past few days.

Ive kept a few, including a record length 24" female. They eat tree frogs and small lizards.

Thank you for telling me! Can you show me some pictures of them if you have any? I never knew they existed until I found Ramen.

I cant find out where they come from in the states. South or north???

South East. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and a good portion of coastal New England.

sweet, thanks!!! I think I am going to go herping tommow now!

Here is at tip, we were digging out a garden when we found him. They like cool places like underground or in leaflitter. If you find any please tell us.

I will try that out, got rained and lightning out so

Theyre not the easiest to keep but can be. I once kept a young adult male in a tiny 5 gallon plastic tank with sand, and a container with moss. It ate anoles or tree frogs everytime, and I rarely saw it, but it thrived here for a few years. If somebody ever found an albino again Id want it but I dont think a normal one is worth keeping. I also had a record length 23" one maybe 15 years ago.