Pink toe basic care

So I’ve been debating if I should get my first invertebrate. Decided on pink toe tarantula and can you guys gimme a rundown on the care? Like humidity and temps. Thank you


This should tell you everything you need to know.

I wouldn’t recommend A. avicularia for a first tarantula but if you’re set on it you can make it work.


When I thought about getting a Tarantula the first species I picked was the St. Martinque pinktoe (formerly Avicularia versicolor now Caribena versicolor). They are beautiful new-world aboreal tarantulas. Just remember as new world Tarantulas their venom is weaker but most if not all new worlds have the urticating hairs as a defence. They can irritate skin, mucous membranes and harm eyes if they get in them. Also T venom while generally harmless to humans isnt so harmless to dogs (not sure about cats…read it somewhere in the course of my research)…

Then I found out because Tarantulas are venomous I cannot have them where I currently live (stupid animal bylaw in this city). sigh :pensive: It’d be cool to have one.