Pinstripe Spider 100% hypo

My gorgeous gem :heart_eyes:


This animal is a pinstripe hypo. No spider and not a het, but a visual


She’s possibly spider, but not proven. Although I noticed she has no wobble or problems at all. I’ll just have to prove her out to know

Also I know she’s a not het hypo, that’s what I meant by 100% hypo or visual hypo. Thank you for letting me know though

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Unfortunately, she’s not spider at all. Spider pins and even just spiders have a very different pattern.

Ahh ok. The 100% was confusing and seemed to imply het


I’m not confident it’s just a hypo pin. Something besides hypo is breaking up the dorsal on the pinstripe.

Yeah I’m thinking either something reducing the pattern (enchi??) or just a reduced pattern pin.

Do you know the pairing that produced this snake?


I see some doral striping at the front and back but as many pins as I’ve made can’t say I’ve had one this reduced. Not discounting it but that’s a pretty smashed up pattern.


She has spider in her too

She has spider in her too. Could that change the pin pattern?

Pairing was Ghi 100% Het Ghost x Leo Pin Spider 100% Het Ghost

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Pairing was Ghi 100% Het Ghost x Leo Pin Spider 100% Het Ghost.
Here’s her and some of her siblings

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