Platinum Beauty

These guys always give me that “wow” factor when I take them out. Their metallic coloration reminds me of platinum.

Axanthic Blonde Trans Pecos Ratsnake.


Beautiful shot of a beautiful snake. Love those silvery eyes.

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Wow is correct! Beautiful snake, beautiful photograph. Thanks for sharing. Color ME green…

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The trans pecos is definitely a snake that has been on my bucket list for a while. But I want the wild look rather than any morph. It’s all in those gorgeous eyes <3


Their big ol’ eyes make my heart melt everytime!

I love the coloration on these guys. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s it like having one? There’s not a lot out there about how handleable they are or how to take care of them. Any tips on care or even where to find one? I am gonna look for an axanthic or silver like yours.

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In my experience, they are by far one of the most calm tempered Ratsnakes I’ve ever interacted with. They’re even more docile than a Cornsnake, and less sporadic in their movements as juveniles.

Their care is very simple – equivalent to that of your other North American Ratsnakes. The only exception is that I keep their humidity a tad lower in comparison (usually around 45%) because they seem more prone to developing respiratory infections.

Very awesome snakes and by far a top ten favorite for me.


very nice , the subocs are my favorite

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Gorgeous axanthic! Subocs are so underrated. My first rat snake was/is a suboc. He’s turning 3 next month