Platinums, sun fire, and sun tiger?

I apologize if this has been explained before but I have not been able to find anything on here. But basically I’m trying to learn the distinguishing factors to identify these three morphs. I see a lot of small shops that have things mislabeled and or don’t know the info on the animals I know they have some similar characteristics. But i would really like to have a clear understanding of this. Thanks

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Platinum makes the entire animal brighter. It can make the markings finer but it really amps up their color.

Sunfire is also a color enhancing gene but it also effects the pattern. The animal’s side markings will disappear farther and farther down the body until the last 1/3 is just the dorsal marking. This is called a “floating tail”

SunTiger is the name combination of two genes: Sunfire and Tiger. You get the same color and floating tail with Sunfire but the normal pattern on the animal is the Tiger pattern.

Hope this helps!


To add to what Jackie from @cold-heartedexotics explained, Sunfire usually has more of a connected dorsal too. Especially as you get closer towards the tail of the Retic.