Please help ID my male I paired him what was sold to me as gravel

Attached are photos of him he was sold me as Ivory Pied
This is his first clutch


Your going to need to wait until these babies finish hatching and shed to see additional genes. Your male could very well be what it’s said to be. Do you know his pairing? That will tell more than I hatched babies.

Also your male looks like champagne combo to me personally. Especially since one of those eggs has a ringer too


Unfortunately I do not know the parents the mail was sold as Ivory pied and the female was sold to me as a gravel the more I look he does look to be champagne combo possibly but some of those babies look very dark is it possible he could be Ivory and champagne in your opinion

Thanks for your response and info!

I just want to get ahead of the game because I have him paired up two other females

If everything comes out with yb then he could be ivory. But you won’t be able to tell right until they have hatched and shed to get proper IDs.


Ivory pied don’t seem to have the ‘pied’ markings from when I was looking.
Infact they have patches of the yellow instead.

I agree this looks more like a champagne combo w a ringer. And that any help w babies can’t happen until out of egg and preferably 1st shed. That said can you send pics of the female, I’m questioning if she is definitely gravel or possibly an unconfirmed yb/gravel because some of the eggs look ivory as well and that only happens if female is yb too.


Yes unfortunately I’m coming to terms with the possibility that she was sold to me incorrectly just in fact yellow belly which is unfortunate because I would have wanted to prove out this male with a normal or non allelic but I will definitely be posting their post shed pictures

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I appreciate everyone throwing in their info as I’m really trying to figure out my next best pairings and optimizing the next few years for my collection

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Unlikely. YB massively enhances the dorsal stripe on Champ and really bumps the colour

From WoBP:

If your animal is a Champ YB combo it has (one or more) other genes present

As everyone has said, at least wait for the animals to leave the egg before trying for IDs


Could you provide pics of the mom to these babies as well?

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Honestly looks like a champagne Mojave for the male.


Sold to me as gravel she is mid shed rn

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Need more/better pics after shed, especially of belly and head but that looks very much like a normal to me although gravel can sometimes be difficult to distinguish. Hoping I’m wrong about everything for your sake and that you got them from a reputable source. If they’re from a Craigslist/FB type add or new breeder/friend of a friend then I have some concerns about their true genetics.

These are 2 yb/gravels I have left over from last season for comparison. Different dams but both sired by pastel highway.