Please help ID this girl

Hello, just trying to figure out if this is a normal burm or some morph. Please help me ID.


Looks like a pretty normal.


Agreed. Looks like a very nice normal.

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Thank you both for the help. I’m not exactly a Burmese guy, all of my snakes are boas but my lovely wife rescued this girl last night and now I find myself with a Burm.

The guy said she was a possible het albino. Then again this is the guy who bought the snake and was too scared to handle her. Rather than change her water he went as far as to simply put another dish in the enclosure and fill that. It was a mess and now she hasn’t been handled in a year and is very scared/responsive.


I absolutely loved my burmese python. She was a gentle giant.

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She very well could be het. That’s unfortunate that she wasn’t handled, hopefully she responds positively to your care.

I miss keeping burms, they’re awesome animals, just such a large commitment of space and food that I’ll stick with Boas.


Yea, I agree completely. My wife doesn’t stop when an animal needs a home though.