Please help ID this handsome man

I was told champagne yellow belly when I got him but I would like some opinions!


I know at least it is champagne probably yellow belly to but I’m not a expert

Definitely champagne, but it looks a bit dark for a yellowbelly. I will tag @saleengrinch to help confirm, but we will need better pictures and belly shots to be sure.

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Better pictures would definitely help but looks champagne yellowbelly in the picture. Champagne is going to wash the belly out so belly pictures won’t help. The dorsal is what tells me it has yellowbelly.

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Thank you, I’ll get some more pics as soon as he finishes his shed. I want to start breeding so I want to make sure I know what he is.

If you just got him it maybe advisable to allow him time to settle into your collection. Males are notorious for going off feed while breeding. Don’t want to be trying to establish him on a solid feeding program only to have him go on a fast.

I’ve had him for a couple months now and am getting an albino female soon. I dont plan to breed until next season so they can both be acclimated and stable. Plus I want to do as much research as possible and get everything I need before attempting anything yet. I also have an albino pied male that isn’t old/big enough yet so I’m going to wait for him to grow up :slight_smile: