Please help identify my 2 boas

Can someone help identify this female boa (bought as an Honduras)

And this female one (bought as an junge)


The best way to know is… Are they from a trusted breeder?

@westridge might be able to help out .

They are gorgeous either way.

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The second one is definitely a jungle. As for the “Honduran,” if you didn’t receive any lineage information with her than you will never really know for sure whether or not she is the real deal. Unless I had lineage info and the boa was from a trusted breeder, I wouldn’t represent the boa as a pure locality animal, not for sales purposes and not for breeding purposes. I can say that she does have definite Central American influence. I recommend keeping her as a pet and enjoying her that way, as opposed to using her as a breeder.


@eaglereptiles Thanks they sure are beautiful.

@westridge What are the central american influances you recognise in this snake? I am going to keep her as an pet snake. But i am going and try to find out who was the breeder of both snakes.

Both off you thanks for the help.

No problem at all, I knew I couldn’t help and Elena is my go to boa expert :joy:

The color is what suggests CA. Dark brown color.

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