Please help identify this boa

So I have had this girl for a couple of years now. The guy that I got her from got her from a reptile show and said the breeder told him that she was a Colombian/ Argentine cross. I’m really not sure. Any thoughts???


That is actually a really nice BCI right there.

I see the linked up/connecting saddles and a ‘Squaretail Type’ pattern on that rear end there.

Nice snake! Keep it and work with it for sure.

Awesome man thanks!!!

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Love the coloring @gregp

Thank you!!!

What is bci… I’m tryin to learn all the terms…

BCI is short for Boa Constrictor Imperator. It is now just Boa Imperator, or BI for short. But most people still use BCI to describe their animals. So what is a Boa Imperator? It is a common non true red tail boa. Colombians, Central Americans, Mexican, Honduran etc are all BI.