Please help me ID

Trying to find a leopard gecko with similar markings…he was labeled a mack snow but im not finding anything like him!!! Please help im new to morphs and so confused


Sorry I can’t help ID him, I just wanted to say that is the nicest Leopard Gecko I’ve ever seen.

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He is a snow with an aberrant pattern. The aberrancies are not extreme enough to call him a jungle. He may turn out to also be a bold but time will tell. For now, aberrant Mack snow.


any ideas on where to find such a creature? i lost my opportunity to get this guy :disappointed_relieved:

I have a male

His back got darker as he got older with a greenish tent but still a great looking gecko hope to breed next year

A chocolate albino? Backwater Reptiles sells a choc albino. They get the darker brownish colors by incubating at a slightly lower temp. Not saying thats what it is but, thats a very similar coloration

I dont see any yellow on your gecko. Maybe a choc mack snow?

It’s not an albino, chocolate or otherwise.