Please help me identify

Bought from local pet store they said she was pastel yellow belly het red Axanthic but I’ve looked up pictures for reference and I don’t think those are her genetics any ideas

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It’s tough to give an exact ID without history of the parents. Offhand I would say pastel, yellow belly and cinnamon or black pastel seems more likely.

Maybe someone else will chime in with other ideas.

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Het Red Axanthic is allelic with Black Pastel and Cinnamon, so I would think it would likely combine with Pastel in a similar manner. Maybe her pet store ID was correct?

Just because a gene is allelic doesn’t mean they look the same. Black pastel and cinnamon are also allelic with Enchi.

A Mojave special, Mojave mystic and super Mojave are different, but all are allelic.

Even if a het red axanthic pastel was correct, the pet store would still have been wrong because they told the owner yellow belly also.

I know that. It was just a thought. Black Pastel and Cinnamon both have that kind of pewtery look when combined with Pastel - similar to the look of OP’s snake. Maybe Het Red does something like that too. I’m not that familiar with Het Red, so I’m just guessing. But plenty of allelic genes react similarly in combos. Mojave GHI and Butter GHI look similar, for example.

Also, why are we assuming the snake doesn’t have Yellow Belly? YB is subtle and very difficult to pick out in a lot of combos, and is misidentified all the time. I definitely couldn’t say for certain whether this one has YB or not.

Because you didn’t mention it in your post.
I said this looked more like a Blk pewter YB or pewter YB.
This does not look like a YB pastel HRA to op or I.

And yet there’s ghi bamboo or ghi special that looks different.

I would like to tag @t_h_wyman though. I’m not as familiar with HRA as I’d like to be. But perhaps he is. I could be absolutely wrong. Shrug

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He is not super familiar with it since he does not work with it, but he knows enough to know that is not a Pastel HRA

I could believe it is a Gargoyle YB or a Pewter YB but without some actual valid documentation from a known breeder, you are looking at breeding it out to know for sure

I definitely would not trust anything the pet store said as they likely either just went with what they thought someone said or looked a pics and guessed (poorly)


A breeder here in it showed me there black pewter yellow belly and they look identical but still going to breed it to my normal to make sure

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