Please help me to id this little one

hi guys i just want to ask help to Id this little one
the pairing was banana pinstripe X bumble bee but we are not sure if one of the parents carry some other genes
i know its a pastel but i think it mix up with something. thankyou and happy reptile keeping!
i will also include the pictures of other offspring and also the parents.


Hi and welcome to e community!! I agree with you, judging from the picture of the other offspring there is that striped pastel with a weird pattern and also one of the spinners looks unusual. Can we see better pics of the offspring? I can’t for sure say by those pics, am thinking maybe something like trick, or ?


Welcome to the forum @steezy22! Looks like you have a big bunch of really nice healthy babies!

Congratulations and best of luck with their progress/future! :pray::+1:


Welcome to the community! I’d just like to say that the baby is absolutely gorgeous!