Please help the new guy identify

got this guy as a rescue. I was told he is a pastel but the weird this i see are the pattern change, no alien marks, maybe fire at the bottom of the pattern, and blushing. I just got involved with ball pythons 2 weeks ago and I am hooked.

Thank you


It’s a brown out pastel not anything I would breed personally.

My advice if you want to start breeding, don’t settle for Craiglist rejects or rescues because they are cheap or free, invest in the market support the breeders, get the best looking animal you can afford and than people will invest in you and your animals.

But first and foremost investigate the market know what is in demand, what is not, what is flooding the market etc…because no one wants to be stuck with X amount of mouth to feed for an undermine amount of time.


Agree with @stewart_reptiles just a pastel.

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It looks like a great pet! Welcome to the hobby!

I think it’s a pastel. Welcome to the hobby and the forum.

Above seemed like an odd reply given your inquiry didn’t mention anything about breeding, market forces, or business models.

Enjoy your new hobby!

Well I cannot help if soon as I posted my answer at 2.57 the OP decided to edit his post at 3.13 and remove the part about breeding.


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That’s fair. That would explain the oddity.

I was never interested in breeding this guy that why I took that part off, I only to this guy to help him out. I am looking into pied, and bamboo to start with

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I think that would be good choices