Please help to find out what happened to him

I don’t know what happened to him. I noticed this a week ago. Maybe someone will tell you what it could be and what it could have come from. And how to cure it. I am very worried, I will be grateful for any help.

I would schedule a vet appointment to get it checked out as it doesn’t look like a common problem that can really be diagnosed/treated over the internet


A week ago?
You should’ve called and taken him to the vet instantly. Have you called them yet??.. If not do so, waiting a week isn’t helping him, he needs to get seen…

Could he have swallowed anything? Are you able to open his mouth and see?

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Most likely I will not find a veterinarian who understands reptiles. Since I am with a python in Ukraine, it will be difficult to do at this time.

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I did not have the opportunity to contact the vet. So I looked into his mouth, but really nothing is visible. Now I’ll try again

You need to search, he’s got something wrong, a lump like that can’t go unseen. If anything fatal you’ve already waited a week…

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The OP is in a country currently being destroyed by war, so this is one of the few situations where I understand being unable to find a vet.

What did you feed it last, and when? Does the lump appear painful? Is the lump soft and squishy or hard, like a stone?

Can you describe where the snake is living? The cage, the temperatures, etc.


The lump is like a muscle, not like a stone. The python lives in a plastic container that stands on a heated floor.
The last time he ate was on April 23. Eat regularly once every 2 weeks.
The last time he was fed a rat. We always feed rats or mice. It seems that the bump is not painful.
The party has been going on for a little over a week. It stopped growing about a week ago.

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Right now took it to take a photo and inspect the lump again. And he vomited a rat…
When can I feed him? That it was not stressful for him.

Could be a tumor, could be a granuloma. Could also be damage from a feeders claw as he swallowed. About a decade ago I had a ball python that ended up with a tear down his esophagus all the way through to the outside of his body. It was quite disconcerting.

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I couldn’t agree more. I hope that @ostap is safe in any ventures beyond safety.


Yeah I can understand why it would be.

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Unfortunately im with the others on this, tumor, scaring, abscess, etc. There are alot of things it could be, and without proper training, there isnt anything the lay man can do for them. An abscess could be drained anc cleaned and may get better, but unless you have anesthetics, a scalpel or razor ( heat can be used to sterilize, but you get what you put in, if sterile ones are available they are better), material fur suturing it back closed, and most importantly the knowledge to confidently and competently use all of those in a surgical setting on your animal, you will 99% need a vet to resolve the issue. The other 1% is if it is a bacterial abscess and the snake fights it off and it drains internally, but the chances of an abscess self correcting arent great, and the chances of a tumor or infection self correction arent either.

Im not a vet, and am 110% not recommending you perform surgery on your snake, it was only listed to show why we cant really give you too much advice on it besides see a vet. Even if we knew what it was, you would very likely still need a vet to treat it.

If you have a non exotic vet, they may be capable of taking an xray to diagnose it, and if it is something simple, handle it. It is worth a try.