Please identification

Hi, please identification morph… He is pastel piebald? Thank


Yep seems like a pastel pied

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All day I’ve wanted to answer this but wanted someone else to take the bullet :joy: thanks Nathan :+1:

Just the headstamp throwing me off, they are usually a bit more hazy/smokey, it might just be me though.

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Yeah when it’s a very high white like this one it’s sometimes hard but once you’ve been doing bp’s for awhile you have a eye for it. When you get into bp’s you’ll know what I mean

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thank you for identifying. I was not sure. just getting started

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I’m feeling doubt about the pastel in this animal. Pastels usually have the greenish eyes right? Looks like it has very dark eyes from the pics. I think it’s just a nice bright pied. Do you know the pairing?


Here is my pastel calico for reference. I’ve never known a pastel to have dark eyes. Calico by the way does not lighten eyes

Yes eyes are really dark. He pairing the first time, so let’s see.

I have seen plenty of pastels with dark eyes.

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Ok, I looked up pastel pieds and they do have dark eyes. My bad! Learn something new all the time. Back when I first got into bp morphs I was told a way to identify is the green eyes

It looks more like a yellowbelly pied to me

It could be a fire pied too, since it is rather light and the headstamp reminds me of a fire.

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I was thinking that also

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