PLZ HELP! my leo is eating DIRT

the dirt was from outside


Ok, there is the possibility that their could have been parasites or other harmful pathogens or chemicals in the substrate, if it was not properly sterilized. Did you sterilize the dirt first? Also, did you remove all the rocks, bark, etc.? (Sterilize means to bake it in the oven, etc. I bet there are a few other ways)

Sorry about all the questions lol. It really just helps us know the circumstances to help diagnose the problem.

I do agree with @erie-herps. The “dark thing in her stomach” may simply be other organs from that area.


One of my vets for my herps is 1 hour away but the others are 3-4 hours one way if I need another opinion, but totally worth the commute.


nooooo I did none of that and my mom told me yesterday that if there was something wrong with my Leo she wouldn’t take her to the vet


I think that should give you some perspective on how your mother values and respects other living things. If you are a minor it is her responsibility to ensure any pet you get is cared for or she should not have allowed you to get it.

It does not sound like your gecko needs to go to the vet for illness, but in general one should never get a pet they can’t afford to provide standard veterinary care to. I suggest you try and do chores for your parents, relatives, or trustworthy friends of your family in exchange for a bit of money, so you will be prepared if your gecko does get an illness. Inexperienced keepers especially benefit from doing yearly wellness visits, just as you should do for a cat or dog. That way your reptile vet can guide you and spot any developing issues as early as possible.

It also sounds like someone misguided you in the extreme with regards to proper husbandry for leos. You definitely need to do your own research immediately to educate yourself regarding the bare minimum for leo care. At the least you should google ‘leopard gecko care sheet’ and read 4-5 of the ones that come up from reputable sources.

I have not finished my care sheet yet, but I will get you started:


the nearest one is almost two hours away in Dallas and I cant legally drive yet and she doesn’t really care for having to take a reptile to a vet if it were a cat or a dog then shes fine with it but it sucks because if my Leo gets sick I cant help her and that breaks my heart


OMG i just found one near me so if something happens ill just bribe my sister


Where are you in Texas, that close to Dallas?


i live in a small town called whitewright


Wonderful! Be sure you know their hours and how to get to their location, and you’re good to go. Ah siblings. So useful.


Yes, it does sound like you were misinformed in the care. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure to research MULTIPLE REPUTABLE SOURCES!

@graci-sosa, if you find that nothing is wrong with your leo, and wish to go back to substrate, I suggest using Coconut Coir. It is dirt cheap (pun intended) and exponentially safer than the dirt you find outside. Do not go straight back to it, though. If the leo is sick, than the healing process could be long and you do not want to further risk an impaction problem.
ONLY go back to substrate if your gecko has all of its basic needs met and is not attempting to use dirt as its primary source of vitamins.

Good luck! I hope you figure out if anything is wrong with Lemon! :slight_smile:


And that is amazing that you found a closer vet office!