Poll: How long have you owned snakes?

I am curious to see how long people in the community have owned snakes, as well as what kind of species people started with. So I have decided to make a poll on it. Thanks to @nathan_e for teaching me how to do this. Feel free to share what species you started with if it isn’t on the list. I personally started with an Arizona mountain king snake.

How long have you owned snakes?

  • Less than a year
  • 1-2 Years
  • 3-5 Years
  • 6-9 Years
  • 10-12 Years
  • 13-15 Years
  • 16-20 Years
  • 20+ Years

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What kind of species did you start with?

  • Ball Python
  • Corn Snake
  • Kingsnakes/Milksnakes
  • Other Pythons
  • Other Boas
  • Other Colubrids

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Love this poll thing