Polymorphism is annoying. Ball Pythons

The first 4 photos are Pastel het Clowns I hatched from a recent clutch
Mother was sold to me when I was first starting out as a Pastel Jungle OD YB het Clown. Turns out shes Pastel.
I paired her with 2 males. A Pastel Clown and a Super Blade Clown… as I see no blade at all I assume the Pastel Clown did the trick.

Photo 5 is the Normal het Clown
Photo 6 is the Super Pastel het Clown

The reason I mentioned Polymorphism in my post is because photo 7 is a Pastel het Clown I produced last year from the same sire…





Those are still some beautiful babies!


oh I love them lol. I love the little snoots. and they are feisty lol


I could imagine lol. Ive also just had my first ever clutch pip today so im also very excited about that!


Congrats! its a journey thats for sure!

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It sure is!

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They are all pretty! I really do like number 6 though! :+1::blush:

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