Pomoc identification

hello, i have two new geckos, and i’m not sure about their variety. I think the first one is harlequin dalmatin and the second one I have no idea :face_exhaling:. In addition, he is very mobile and it’s hard to take a good picture of him :rofl: please help with identification


Cute lil geckos.

I can see spots on them both, would need at least 25 spots in order to class as a dalmation, if less then would be Dal spots. However more spots are likely to appear as they grow.

First looks to be a partial pinstripe, tricolour, Dal spots (or dalmation) it’s hard to tell in the pics as to how many spots it has

Second one looks to be a quadstripe extreme with Dal spots. However I’d need more pics of both sides & ideally fired up before i can say for sure.

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thank you very much for your answer. Now I will try to take better pictures of both babies over the weekend. I will also try to count the dots on both and once I do, I’ll add pictures. And this time, thank you for your answer and your time :grin:

First one is a tricolour partial pin Dalmatian.

Second is a harlequin pinstripe with Dal spots, it’s not a quad as they’re not straight lines they’re dashed.

Lovely geckos though, I like the pin! :heart_eyes:


I wasn’t sure if it was mud or an actual break in the lateral lines, hence why I put both options.

But if it’s dashed then yes not a quadstripe but a harlequin.

My phone isn’t great with zooming (or much else) :disappointed:

Okey, tahnks for the answer. Nothing happened, everyone makes a mistake :grinning: thenk you for helping me identify my gecko :heart: