Popping help

So I have this ‘male’ who I am struggling to confirm the sex.

Popping isn’t my strongest anyway as I’m too cautious applying too much pressure so it’s very hit and miss when I manage it properly.

This ‘male’ is 1200g so I would have thought by now I would have been able to get clear hemipenes. My other males I am able to get clear hemipenes. The only thing that is making me think he is actually male is the reddish colour I am getting whereas my other females don’t show too much pink.

What do you reckon?

Were you told it was male from whoever you got it from? Did they ever mate him to be sure? You can always put “him” in w a female and see if he tries/locks her.

Right now based on pics alone that is looking more female to me. Especially the 1st pic. It’s possible you’re just not fully popping, do you have a probe kit? I think the red/pinkness is a little from trying to pop multiple times. Try using your other thumb to put light pressure on the other side of the vent, that should help pop better, press straight down then roll other thumb from mid tail towards vent. Goodluck.

Yeah I’m thinking it’s a female aswell tbh. It was sold as a male. I ended up taking him/her after I went to pick up a female Albino and took all 3 he was selling as he had lost interest. Only fed once a month and one was a bit skittish due to not being handled enough but that has now been rectified … but that’s a story for a different day.

I was one handing to take the photo so I do usually apply a bit of pressure the other side of the vent to ease. I wasn’t in the market for another male so if it is a female then I have done not too bad out of the deal (was a decent deal anyway tbh)


:+1:never pass on a good deal or a beautiful animal, looks like you got both. Is it a BEL or ivory something?

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Adult males are some of the hardest to pop most of the time due to having the ability to keep their hemipenes in. If the person you got it from was a breeder, or they got it from a breeder that says it was male, I would doubt a breeder would give up a female for the price of a male. I would say it is probably male given the color. Females (that I have seen) don’t have redness at all. Males do because they have a lot of blood going to the hemipenes. Also, do not try probing unless you have someone to teach you in person. It is very easy to injure the snake when probing.

The person I got it from wasnt a breeder or with the intention of breeding and unsure where they got them from, but must have had them from young.

Would never try probing myself as never done it but at some point I will have to learn from someone.

He/she is a Blacy Eyed Lucy… picked up with a female Albino and a male Leopard Enchi Spider … along with a nicely made rack, all equipment etc … £300 :grimacing: