Poss Respiratory infection?

Does this look like a ri I know they aren’t the best photos but this is all I could get
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Honestly could not tell you from those pics. Are you hearing any crackling or wheezing when breathing? holding head up? drooling? A vet trip is the best thing if you seeing any of the signs


Hes holding his head up and I hear cracking but no drooling

Diagnosing based on pictures alone is not something even a vet would do unless it is something obvious (like injuries) however with what you describe and the pictures I would highly recommend to take the animal to a vet for a culture, if positive the proper injectable antibiotics will be prescribed for about 30 days.


Ok thank you

I know I am a little late but what Deb and Mary suggested is the best advice for something like this. I always recommend a vet visit if it is something more serious than minor things that someone could treat at home like stuck shed, dehydration, and so on and so forth but if it is more serious than things like this than definitely go to the vet. The good news however is that almost all cases of RI in snakes can be easily treated. The few times my new arrivals had RI it was easily treatable.

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