Poss. Super Hypo Jungle/ what should I breed him to when he gets to size/Age



Any dom/co-dom morph except jungle.


In all honesty, nothing.
You won’t find anyone selling a quality ready to breed female for cheap, and you won’t find anyone with a quality female willing to lend you theirs.

If you do end up investing your time & money into a quality female, you’ll want to use a different male.
You wouldn’t want to spend thousands on a ready to breed female, or invest 4 years in growing up a female, only to use this male.


Why what is wrong with using this male? He’s a very clean hypo jungle and possible super hypo, can you explain to me why you wouldn’t use this male?

Here is my reasoning.

  1. Hypo and jungle are very common in the pet trade so yes babies will sell but not for very much.

  2. As of now in this discussion the app has not stated that the boa in question is het for anything special.

  3. As an investment snake this mail is not a very good one, personally I would start with a female with higher quality genetics, and hets.

  4. Usually, breeders will not let go of higher quality sub adult to adult females because of how valuable they are. So the app would probably end up having to purchase a baby high quality female, and then buying a higher quality male later on to grow up.

  5. buying the females baby would let you raise her up slowly so that she will probably be a better breeder overall. Instead of taking the chance of animals that are possibly poorly capped overfed and are known to be bad breeder.


Okay thank you for the advice it’s definitely something I will take in for consideration

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He’s a fine boy no doubt, but if your plans consist of selling the offspring for enough money to cover your expenses, then he does not fit the bill.


I disagree with the not breeding him statement. Hypo and Jungle are great traits and you will have no problem selling them. I honestly feel you should figure how what morph or combo really does it for you and go that way. I am working on a super sunglow jungle project because I love all three of those genes. I would recommend finding you a good sunglow female for this male. Even if he is not het albino, you will make hets and then you can work your way to making your own junglow.

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Thank you so much for the help and encouragement, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for right now is a Sunglow Female I just love sunglows they are arguably my top favorite morph

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