Possible desert ghost?

I purchased this girl today, been talking with her breeder for a few weeks, made a paylent plan and finally picked her up today.

We KNOW she is pastel leopard yellowbelly, het clown, pied, albino.

He has been thinking she may also be desert ghost because of how dark her black is. Im doubtful, but id like some more experienced breeders thoughts.


What were the parents? Desert ghost is recessive, so unless both parents were at least het for it, then there is no chance. Im more familiar with DG as its own morph than when its mixed with things, so phenotypically I cant help much. But finding out the lineage to see if its even possible is a good first step.

I gotta look thru my texts with the breeder, but neither parent was visual dg.

I don’t see desert ghost here. Dg’s are very clean through out the pattern. As you can see on this one there is no “dirtiness” to the yellow

beautiful snake though congrats


Thats kinda what i was thinking, but with the kther genes in there i just wasnt sure.

Is still possible without a visual, but less likely. I dont think it is, but if one of the parents didnt have DG, then its a no go for sure.

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I feel safe enough saying no, shes probably not dg. Really the only reason that was of interest is cuz it could potentially maoe her more valuable as a breeder. But the plan is for her to pair to kane, as hes a visual pied, and i wanted pastel and yb in that potential offspring list.

Fair, i have a visual DG coming in that i wanna toy around with. Honestly this thread was nice because i found some morphs it pairs nice with now haha

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Definitely not a visual DG, but it is a nice expression of the genes she does have.

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Looks vaguely like a pastel lace