Possible MBD?

Thought it woukd be best rather than flooding the meet your crestie thread.

Does it look like our new addition has mbd or am I just really bad at taking photos. We popped him into the light box quickly. I think in the originsl he was sitting at a light bend.


We don’t mind you putting it up on there at all.
That’s what it’s for!

It’s your photos :wink:
He looks good here! :grin:


I think we can conclude hopefully he’s just little weirdo and I’m bad a photos :rofl: had me in a state of panic as he looked fine when we collected him.


Sorry for the scare, I didn’t want to not say anything incase he did have it, but he looks perfectly fine in these pics. That just might be of been his settling or scared pose.

He looks so tiny & cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As said above, if you want to add pics to the other thread, then please do, that’s what it is for! That’s what we do :relaxed:

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Oh it’s fine!
I would rather the scare to be sure he’s healthy then to carry on thinking he is when he isn’t haha