Possible Mojave Fires? ID help

Hey so I have 3 Hacthlings here that are a little tricky for me to determine. Pairing was a Mojave Orange Dream Yellow belly X Fire Lesser Spider

My guess

  1. Mojave Fire
  2. Orange Dream yellow belly
  3. Mojave Fire yellow belly


Beauties. I know next to nothing about fire. I think there is OD in that last one though. Experts will chime in, but that is my guess. I also agree there is OD in number 2.


I’m still new with ID but I will give it a shot. I think

  1. Mojave fire
  2. Orange dream, probably yellow belly
  3. Mojave orange dream

Thank you! I forgot to mention that 3 has a ringer, which is indicative to fire so I’m 99% sure it’s also fire, I just couldn’t tell between orange dream or yellow belly.

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