Possible Plugins

I have two suggestions for minor design changes that might be better placed in a development or plugin topic though.

Social sharing options (share to facebook, etc, etc) and possibly other reactions than just a heart. Easy social sharing would allow members to quickly post to their favorite social platform and other reactions could add a little more flavor to those interactions.

I found this plugin that adds social sharing but might need a little bit of customization.

This one covers the reactions by replacing the heart with an emoji selection, which I feel is a little bit overkill but is a good example of what I mean. Facebooks reactions are also a good example.

An integration that I would also suggest are integrating the seller ratings from morphmarket with community profiles.

I saw in one of the other topics that custom plugins are not included in the hosting plan. So I guess that scraps these suggestions for now.

Great plugin ideas!

Yesterday had multiple hits of bad news, but today there was good news. The hosting which I was eyeing as a place to move the forum to will allow custom plugins at a very affordable rate. So I think we have a plan now!


That’s great, I looked at a few plugins and, while I am not a competent programmer by any means, they look pretty straight forward and ruby + javascript is pretty easy to work with.

I was going to ask if you had migration plans for the future. I also pulled the discourse docker container from dockerhub just to play around with the software a little myself.

The plan is, discourse.org hosting for now but they are very expensive beyond the middle plan. Then discoursehosting.com which is supposedly good and about 3x cheaper (and we’d have plugins), and then as our traffic approaches that of MorphMarket, we might have to self host. If the forum gets that popular I figure we might be able to find some other admins to help with that. I have my hands pretty full with MM so the paid hosting is great for now as we prove it out.

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