Possible red factor?

So I have discovered that both my corns are in fact triple het, so I believe that my snow pictured below may have red factor? Is this visible?


Doesn’t look like it. Looks like a very typical snow. Red factor is also dominant, so a het red factor snake will show some additional red (or pink depending on the morph); the homozygous version will be even more red. It’s not a “hidden het” like the recessive genes. Did the breeder say your snake is triple het?


I got both my corns from a local pet shop, and they got them from different breeders. Both breeders told the shop they are triple hets. I’m just eager to have some idea of what they might be pre breeding them in the 2023-24 season.

Unfortunately the pet shop isn’t in direct contact with the breeders otherwise it would be easy to ask and find out :roll_eyes:

Bummer. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know. Some hets possibly “show through” in certain morphs, but it’s not a 100% guarantee. Het caramel can sometimes make the snake a bit more yellow. Het cinder can reduce the yellows of the background color, making it a bit more gray. Het palmetto has a hypo-like appearance.

I guess I’ll be back with pictures of the hatchlings in 2 years and we can work it out from there :sweat_smile: the wait is going to be an unbearable one

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I feel you! In the meantime you can get a really good grip on morph identification! I always recommend iansvivarium.com for that. Also, it’s a good idea to wait until the female is 3 years, 300 grams, and 3 feet long before breeding her. If you choose to breed her younger/smaller but it puts her at higher risk for complications and they often have smaller and/or less fertile clutches. But hopefully they’ll surprise you with some fun matching hets when they’re ready!

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She was born on 13/07 this year and is growing very well, seems to be bigger than my male who is 2 months or so older. If there are health risks involved breeding a year early then I’ll wait until she gets to 3 years old. I’ve been learning my morphs/traits over the last few weeks but the debate on coral/salmon/ hypo snows has thrown me a little hence why I asked :sweat_smile:

You’re always welcome to ask! Sorry, didn’t mean to imply you shouldn’t ask morph questions! I personally browse iansvivarium.com frequently, so I just wanted to make sure you have it in your back pocket as a resource. But yes, feel free to ask any other questions you think of!

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