Possible wrist injury?

I noticed my gecko holding his arm up and didn’t think much of it at first, but i think his wrist looks a little swollen. What do you guys think? He’ll walk and doesn’t limp and I have no idea how he could’ve hurt himself. I rarely take him out and always without incident.

Also he is free fed calcium. Maybe he’s not eating it?

Do you coat his bugs in supplement powder? As well as some with vitamin D3 on occasion?

Yes he gets multivitamin 2xs a week and free access to calcium . The multivitamin also has calcium and d3.

The only thing I can recommend is a vet visit if you think there could be a break. Does he have things he could fall off of in his enclosure? They aren’t the best climbers after all.

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I agree with @ashleyraeanne. Seems like he has a good setup and since he is fed calcium I don’t know what else it could be. Leos don’t really run in there cage and also don’t really run fast enough to hurt themselves (at least in my experience) so yeah best advice at this point is the vet.

I don’t think there’s a herp vet in my area. And yeah he technically could fall off things I suppose.

Vet asap, may be broken. It’s does look swollen.

Needs to see a herp vet right away. Could be a bone infection.

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