Possibly Egg Bound. Help needed

So I’ve got a pretty precarious situation going on right now, and the timing couldn’t be worse. My Mojave female has been gravid and laid her first (fertile) egg sometime between 6 AM and 4 PM today. She wasn’t wrapped around it though. It was off to the side. It’s now been between seven and sixteen hours since the egg came out, yet no other ones have followed. I just checked on her, and her lower half was mostly upside down (although she rolled back over after I felt her abdomen), but still no eggs. I can’t physically feel any stuck together, but she has more in her.

I’ve got a couple questions:

  1. Has anyone experienced one egg out followed by the rest of the clutch hours/days later? I never have, but if this is normal it will bring about a lot of peace of mind.

  2. If she is egg bound, is there anything I can do for her? Yes, the ideal would be to bring her into the vet, but it’s Friday night of a holiday weekend. Tuesday is the earliest she’s going to be seen by anyone if she is in fact egg bound. There is no 24/7 exotics vet anywhere near me that I can take her to.

Here’s a pic of her right now

Thanks everyone


Definitely leave her alone for a day or two just peak in the bin once or twice a day. They don’t always wrap, and sometimes just won’t wrap a egg or two so there is hope she will just lay on her own still. Hope all goes well! Keep us updated.


I have never personally experienced it but I have many breeder friends who have. If she was laying on her back, she’s probably repositioning the other ones. I would definitely leave her be for another couple days and just check every 12 hours or so, unless she becomes lethargic or acts otherwise unwell.


Was the egg she laid fertile or a slug? Is this her first clutch? I agree with you, this is nerve wracking! I would give her the holiday weekend to see if she can lay the rest. If not, then a vet could inject her with hormones that promote egg laying. An X-ray and/or ultrasound may be useful too. If she is truly egg bound, sometimes aspirating the egg closest to the cloaca with a long needle works, because the egg itself could be causing a blockage.

If at any point she has a foul smelling discharge that is a medical emergency and will require immediate veterinary care, because it indicates an egg ruptured in her oviduct. It may not be a bad idea to call a vet today (most vets have Saturday morning hours) to inform them what’s going on. In the absence of an exotics vet you’ll have to try the typical “small animals” (aka dogs and cats) vets. It’s frustrating for sure. Good luck and keep us posted.


Update on the situation:

Thanks for the help everyone!


I have had other types of snake drop an infertile slug egg early in the past then go on to lay all the fertile ones a week or more later. It was really uncommon though. maybe a couple of times in a many 100’s of my previous clutches.
I had a ball python recently drop a partly formed egg a month ago when she was ill. She is better now and still well gravid but not due for a few weeks. Not sure how that will pan out.


Yay! What a relief, I’m so happy she laid for you!


Yea, the crazy thing is that the egg she laid way before the others is fertile.