Possibly id this morph

So I picked up the snake today I’m a friend and we’re not 100% certain on what morph it is. We were thinking it might be a ghost but having seen it in person now I’m leaning more towards just an anery. However, it doesn’t have any yellow which all of the anerys I’ve had in the past did. Haven’t dealt with corn morphs in quite a while so if some of you are more versed I’d appreciate any input you have.


I’m not sure on the morph, also leaning towards a unique Anery. Perhaps a charcoal anery? I have a female young anery who doesn’t have a speck of yellow in her. So Id think depending on this one’s parents you might just have a different “type” of anery?

What’s your plan with the animal? Also curious on what it’s belly scales look like.

He’ll be getting bred to my ghost female and another sonoran gopher female so I’ll be able to produce unrelated gopher x corn hybrids.
Upon closer inspection there is just a touch of yellow but it only showed up under flash.


Look forward to seeing those babies! Maybe I’ll be able to get one to. Loved your other hybrids and am totally want one of my own to breed with. Also still not convinced that’s an ordinary anery but definitely gorgeous regardless. Good luck with the new project!


I’m not totally convinced either, but I cant really call it anything else for sure. I do know for sure it is at the very least an anery. Now I just gotta settle on a name for him. I’m torn between Max Steel and and Steely Dan lol.

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Max Steel def

My best guess is Anery A. Can’t discount it being homo Anery A and B though.