Possibly sick male ball python update!

Hey guys!
I made a post a while ago about my lesser ghi banana male. He is seemingly healthy but has diahreah essentially. I have talked about him in a previous post and you guys told me to take him to the vet. I did and here is were we stand. According to the vet he appears very healthy, good body shape, doesn’t seem skinny. We have done two fecal samples and he has no parasites. He eats 1 small frozen rat every two weeks. He’s currently 620g and gaining weight consistently. He has been receiving an antiparasite medicine. I think it was called panecia? But vet doesn’t know why he has diahreah. Do you guys have any ideas?


Glad he is doing better but as far as the poop I can only think that the only reason for it is the medicine but I could be wrong. I only suggest the medicine being the issue because when my old bearded dragon was on medication/antibiotics he had diarrhea and the vet chalked it up to the medicine causing that.

Shoot I probably didn’t make it clear enough. He has had diarrhea for like a year. That is why I’ve been taking him to the vet. The problem is he looks healthy? There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him? And he has no parasites