Post awaiting approval

Hello, this is not a suggestion but rather a question. I notice every so often a post i make will require authorization to post. While this isnt a problem, and ive yet to have one be denied, it has led me to question the cause.

My belief is that there is a filter that looks for key words that have the potential to to go against the community policies, and then flags them for review to prevent potentially damaging posts from being published, and that since my posts have not been harmful, they are simply approved and the world keeps spinning.

My secondary guess would be a post limit, however, it has not been reliable how many posts i make before it triggers, so i dont believe this to be the case.

This topic is mainly a point of curiosity for me, not a complaint or gripe. I just like having an understanding of how things work :slight_smile:


Yep, this is a new thing I am working on to reduce the amount of In Search Of, For Sale and review posts… I’m still working on it :sweat_smile: (i have actually just removed the word “review” from the list of words).

This also automatically links words, such as guidelines and blog and store directory… and a bunch more…

We do have a post limiter also which we use to stop spammers. If you try and post a bunch of times one after another without a reply you will see a pop up telling you to chill out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this actually worked against us when Gavin from B2U did his MorphMarket Q&A - Gavin Adkins from Balls2U - 001 :see_no_evil:

Ask away! There is no secrets to the way we operate and it helps us come up with new ideas. :blush: