Post shed Clown clutch

Fire Blade Clown x Super Blade het Clown


Awesome clutch congrats!

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Damn, those are nice. Congrats

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Could the bottom three have any cryptic ties??? Or is that what super blade looks like cause those are some strange looking hets

No Cryptic in these at all. The bottom could be a super blade het clown. The other 2 are fire blade het clowns. Cryptics have extreme neck striping and a very thin (dark) eye stripe

I see a lot of confusion (not the morph) when it comes to Cryptic. More so lately.
For reference, this is one of my Cryptics:


Thought the eye stripe seemed thinner in the pics…just some funky looking hets with the pairing so I just thought I’d ask…either way they are eye catching for SURE

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