Post Your 2022 Worlds Firsts!

So, as the title suggests this is a thread for various breeders to merge their 2022 worlds firsts in Ball Pythons! I believe that users congregating to share and consolidating these into a singular thread would be awesome and very inspiring to all in the community!

Please, if you believe you have a worlds first post it here. But, first be sure to do some searches (e.g. Google, MorphMarket) and be sure to include the right filters (e.g. searching sold as well as currently available on MorphMarket). If you believe someone’s Ball Python is not a world first then feel free to correct them (but be kind).

I hope that this thread gains traction and becomes an exciting place revisit for fresh updates! Please, do your part to keep this alive! So, what will 2022 hold in store? Let’s find out!