Potential holdback - AtEm503

I have a hard decision to make! This little guy/girl just keeps getting brighter, but I’m already holding back a full sibling of him/her. Do y’all think that I should hold him/her back?

No pores seen
Hatched 5/20/2021

His/Her known lineage is shown below!

Produced by me at MountainCresties out of Emery and Aster

Emery’s lineage: Dam -Scaredy Cat Geckos’ Chunkey Monkey- (Scaredy Cat Geckos’ Soap bubbles(Scaredy Cat Geckos’ Chowder x Flossie) x Moondrop ) X Sire -Scaredy Cat Geckos’ Flame on

Aster’s lineage: Dam -KC Reptiles’ Astrid - (Crestopia Reptiles’ El Dorado and Orchid(AJD Reptiles’ Deja(AJD Reptiles Lineage) Emeril(AJD Reptiles’ Eve x Revolution) X Sire -KC Reptiles’ Mr Incredible - (Ractastic Racs’ Skittles(Ractastic Racs’ Baze x Missy) x Vegas bomb


I’ve had this with a few of mine and kept them and still changing now and gaining more white!! :heart_eyes::fire:

All depends on future plans, are you wanting pin dash, assume you’re working with tricolours, if this one you want to use in the future?
And if so is brown based in your plans too? :relaxed:


That is a beautiful gecko! Definitely your choice but I say hold-back if it will work in your breeding later on! :fire:


I’d suggest to holdback for now & decide a little later on or you might regret selling.

Do you have s pic of the sibling you are holding back?


I’m really looking for high contrast, he/she fits that, but his/her dorsal is a little narrow for my liking, although not necessarily a deal breaker. As for the base color, it is black, the photo just doesn’t show it well, here’s a better one!


I do! Here it is!


These are all of his/her full siblings, along with his/her parents, Emery and Aster


May be images as not showing jet black to me :woman_facepalming:t2:

Ah high contrast! My KJ is high contrast, though may not be breeding this year as don’t have a girly for him :sob:

But I got lots of high contrast from him and his dad last year, a few I still have from Kaneki (KJ’s dad) as I couldn’t part with them and are growing nicely and Golden Nugget should be breeding next year :relaxed:

Ugh, that’s the male of yours I adore :heart: I’d love him, or a mini him… but he’s lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think it’s personal choice though as we don’t all like the same Cresties! Although the white on sides is lush, for me personally I wouldn’t keep, your holdback is beautiful, bloody spots though, I have the issue with golden nugget too, you going to work to get them out? :thinking: That’s my goal!


I would say hold it back but if you want to get ‘rid’ of it, I am sure it will fly away, so to speak.


I absolutely LOVE your photos. Some of the best crestie photos I have seen. Sometimes I wonder if your geckos are simply gorgeous, every single one, or if you are an exceptional photographer. :joy: (obviously both)

It’s difficult to have to choose. Now, I’m new to breeding geckos, but I’m not new to breeding animals (show rabbits). Usually I always keep two siblings from a pairing that I highly value, in case one sibling gets sick, develops something I don’t want, or if it dies, I don’t want to be empty handed. Rabbits are easy enough to breed again though, and you can mate them at 6-7 months of age, but with geckos you have to wait, and then wait and wait some more… for the color to develop, the structure, the size… that’s a huge investment of time.

(at least for people like me who aren’t very patient to begin with) :stuck_out_tongue:


You have some AMAZING looking Cresties :heart_eyes: personally I LOVE dark base & I’d keep both back at least till older to determine sex, but mostly because both look like they will have a great outcome. Then once older you can decide whether to keep both or not.

Alternatively, sell to someone you know who is planning to breed the Crestie and get first pick on babies, could give you a little bit more blood line to work with!