Potential Identification?

So, my first ball python has arrived, I’m still waiting on the feeding information from his breeder. But while I wait on that, I have a few questions:
Do you reckon he may be Mojave? The breeder listed him as Pastel Spotnose Butter
And secondly, does he look underweight? He’s a subadult from 2018

He’s gonna be settling into his new home for the next few days so I’ll be observing but not handling.

EDIT : okay maybe not Mojave but his markings aren’t typical?

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Very nice looking snake. Butter and Mojave would make a blue-eyed lucy, which he is certainly not. He looks like he’s healthy and accurately described.

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@artis-serpentium Oh wow, I didn’t know that. Genes are so difficult to understand hahaha :sweat_smile:
thanks though!

Definitley not mojave and he is on the skinny side but it could be cause he is a picky eater…I would offer as soon as you can and try to get him on a once a week schedule…if he does that right away you’ll know he was underwieght if he doesnt then he is just picky

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Looks gorgeous and healthy!

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I got this feeding record from the breeder, and have no idea how to interpret it lol. Can anyone figure out when this guy last fed?

All the checks are accepted food all the x’s are when he rejected a meal…looks like he is just picky and being skinny doesnt mean unhealthy in all cases…you got you a supermodel not a body builder is all…they have there own personalities

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It seems like he went through a lil 3 week fast and thats normal…maybe a live to frozen issue or a new tub stress issue…


Okay so I’ve only just put him in his new vivarium today, should I give him a day to settle or try feeding tonight?

If he’s due a feed I’d try feed him , my 2 are feeding every 4 days and strike feed everytime ,mines are just little tho

I’ve just been looking at Crystal Palace Reptiles, they look like the most likely choice for my next purchase after checking out a lot of breeders.
Seeing that they sent you a feeding record has only improved my perception of them.
How was the overall process with them?
PM me if you want to keep it personal.

Yeah I’m no expert per say amd I only speak on experience cause half the shit people write is shit they have heard elsewhere (and that’s in general so info police leave me alone) but I just got a YB pied hatchling and he ate right away and have never once heard of a snake accepting a meal as a bad sign…

Honestly? Not to start anything but it looks like the snake I picked up from them hasn’t even had an attempted feed in a month. If you look at the record it either says 21/0 or 2/10 (the latter being most likely). Not only this but the record says that he was hatched 2017 but he listed him as 2018, so I’m unsure on the reliability of his records. I have asked about all of these things, but his responses are quite consistently slow.
Anyways, my python looks to be a bit under weight so I’ll be feeding him tonight.

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Looked at few there’s to they got some nice ones

Seen this one from a private breeder pricey but really like her ,fancy leopards for my 2 females


In my experience I get better quality and healthier animals from hobby breeders and not from the warehouse style…I’m not knocking em all but actually just had a horrible experience from a big breeder and have a bad taste for wm right now


Nice one. Your right and that whole schedule is confusing me a lot. Still I won’t write them off as a option, humans make errors. But I will do more digging on them before I make sure.

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He’s been helpful where he can be, and he has some lovely snakes for sale. I have found his prices range a little above average but that’s expected from a London breeder. Best of luck to you!

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And so he’s taken the feed, after a little hissing here and there, and a lot of coaxing. Will be observing him for a few hours to make sure he actually eats, but it’s looking good so far!
He’s been named Bones :blush::blush:

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Did he strike feed ? Nothing better wen there scranning,shitting ,shedding I call it the triple S sign of happiness :joy:

He did indeed! After a couple pokes with the mouse he lunged for it. I watched him then shuffle the mouse around for 30 minutes before he actually ate it :sweat_smile:

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