Potential Mate for Super Pastel Leopard Lesser?

I am very new to ball pythons and am still becoming familiar with BP genetics. We have, IMO, a gorgeous Super Pastel Leopard Lesser and am interested in hearing what genetics y’all would wanna pair up with this handsome fellow.

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It really all depends on what you like, once you get into the higher genes everything gets washed out and fades. If you went simple with an ivory everything will at least have YB and you’re one step closer to a silky way and you have a good chance to get multi gene snakes, you’d have a 50% chance of producing another leopard. Then you only have to breed back to a YB one more time and silky way.

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I did not produce that snake. I am not claiming to have. It was a google search

Everything you would get too would be at least pastel yellow belly. Can’t beat breeding supers together. Get no normals.

Thanks deadsouthexotics! Haven’t considered YB yet. I have noticed that when you get too many genetics going, you tend to end up with an all white snake (which is fine - love BEL, etc). I’ll definitely research and look into the YB. Again, thanks for the reply.

For me BEL isn’t appropriate for that morph just because you’d never know what was in it until you proved it and a lot of people want just the super in a BEL to throw a single gene.

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I think something with spotnose could turn out very cool. Leopard and spotnose go great together.

Thanks westridge! Not familiar with spotnose, but I’ll add it to the research list. I appreciate the suggestion!

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