Potential Pastel Desert Ghost Tristripes

First ovulation from one of the four girls paired this year - fingers firmly crossed for the “Game of Death”


Great project! Really looking forward to seeing the DG Tri :grin::ok_hand:t2:

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Fingers crossed! Perhaps the odd gods woun’t drink for a change!:roll_eyes:

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Amazing project! Will any double hets be available?

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They are all Pastel double het x Pastel double het pairings so hopefully produce the Super/Pastel /DG Tristripe, along with Super/Pastel 66% double het, DG 66% het Tri and Tri 66% het DG.

Can’t wait to see this, DG has been something I have thought would look amazing with Tristripe! With enhance those blacks and brighten those sides!

May the odds gods grant you favor!

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I can’t wait to see these if you hit any. What was the pair?

Fours pairings of Pastel dh Tristripe Desert Ghost. Looks like one more clutch to come.