Prasina or Keel bellied lizards

These lizards are pretty amazing! Getting to watch the clutch hatch was absolutely my favorite! Just wanted to share.


These are so cool! They are a species I would love to get except for their large enclosure requirement.


Oops :grimacing: :sweat_smile:


I love these! I would keep them if I had more space, but I have a pretty small house and there are other animals that I’d rather have filling up the space.

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What kind of space and husbandry requirements do these guys need?

I’d recommend this care guide if you want to learn about them. They don’t have super unreasonable requirements, but I don’t see myself keeping them anytime soon.


Looks like we can handle that kind of setup. Pretty much like most tropical type lizards.

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Yes they are pretty “easy” in terms of reptile care in my opinion, for lizards. Mine live in a 55 gallon bioactive set up but I have two in there.

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That’s cool. A breeding pair in the 55 gallon. We love bioactive for our cresties.


Amazing, I’m actually looking for a female right now for my male but also how many can you comfortably have in a 75 sized enclosure ?

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