Pre ovulation swell?

This girl is looking pretty heavy in the lower 3rd part of her body. Also I notice some scale separation as well. Her belly is pink like she is going into shed so I’m wondering if I missed the ovulation.

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When at rest where is she located? Cool side or hot side

She has been staying on the hot side so I am thinking I may have missed the ovulation.

I never saw a huge bulge but she appears to be going into shed so that is throwing me off as well. Ive also heard that some females ovulations aren’t as pronounced as others.

If she is back on the warm side and going through shed it is likely her pre-lay shed, if it’s the case you should get eggs in the next 30 days (it’s an average)


Thats what I was thinking as well. I will document the shed as prelay just incase and continue to monitor her and see what happens. Thank you

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@gregp did she lay?

Nope still building. Her follices feel bigger than a marble now and she is glowing so I’m hoping she will ovulate soon.

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