Pre-ovy shed? Pregnancy?

So hopefully I can ask this here, delete if not allowed. But do we think she’s pregnant or just fat :grimacing: she ate on the 16 but she’s pooped already. This might be her pre-ovulation shed? I’m not sure. This is only my second season and I’m trying my hardest to figure out the best way to find that out! I can upload more pictures, her belly is pink because she’s in shed

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HI :wink: More than this is not her pre ovulation shed. Most females will go off of food for a good bit pre ovulation. this is a guide i have used most often to refer anyone learning the breeding process. I hope this helps.


Does it look like a swell? And she ate 2 and a half weeks ago almost!

She’s also heat seeking, glowing I believe and hissing when I touch her which doesn’t usually happen

Trying to estimate where a snake stands based on a picture especially when it’s not your snake is not easy aside from posting an ovulation picture and even than depending on the angle people cannot always tell.

A lot of it is about hands on observations, physical changes as well as behavioural.

Currently where does she spend most of her time when at rest and have you witness an ovulation?

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She’s heat seeking and hissing like stated above! I apologize for not being clear. I have not witnessed an ovulation because I leave her alone for the most part so I don’t stress her out. She’s semi laying uncomfortable and her back makes it look like she’s pregnant with the swelling and ridges

Considering her proportions, what you are describing as semi inverted position and the fact that she is seeking heat you most likely missed the ovulation and should have eggs in the next 30 days after she has her shed.


Alright! She had eggs around this time last year and I wasn’t sure it’s hard for me to get in there and feel her stomach because quite honestly if I was pregnant I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me! Thank you for your help! I’ll definitely keep you updated! How long should she be “stuck in shed for”

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Pre-lay sheds are just like any regular shed cycle and last 10 to 14 days, from start to finish.


Here’s some updates pictures I took this morning! It may not look like it but in person it looks like she swallowed a big meal and it looks like she has some ridges!