Prematurly Block users

Seeing alot of cr*ppy buyers being reported on facebook groups. Is there a way to block them before having to deal with them? Like a block list and we can add and remove people as we want? My memory is terrible sometimes and I’d hate to get caught up in a bad buyer and not knowing until it was to late…


There is a way to block sellers on I am not sure about buyers because I don’t sell yet.
And we can’t share or review sellers on the forum so below is an example.

*Just an example, as of now I don’t have anyone blocked.


At the moment the best thing to do is just decline the enquiry, in the future we will have a block button for buyers.

I will add your vote to our list :blush:


@eaglereptiles We ALREADY have the block feature in the messages system – for sellers to block buyers.

BUT there’s no way to do it prematurely currently.


Well there we go!.. I was wrong :dizzy_face:

Luckily I’ve never had to block anyone so far so I must have missed this… :wink:


It’d be a nice feature to have. I’ve had to refuse a sale to the same user 3x, due to their state laws. They don’t listen and it doesn’t look like there’s any way for me to block them as I’ve not had a transaction with them.